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  • She deserves all of my respect and admiration!
    Sholeh is the finest attorney anyone can ask for. She goes above and beyond the scope of the retainer. I appreciate her for having the foresight to have a plan for multiple potential outcomes. She prepares for the worst and works towards the best. There are many competent attorneys out there, but Sholeh is more than just a competent lawyer. Her communication is fantastic and therefore made me feel very comfortable. It is important to take pride in one's work and she definitely must be proud. She deserves all of my respect and admiration. Thank you Sholeh and Tiffany.

    - J. S.

  • Extremely Helpful
    Sholeh is an amazing attorney who has helped my mom and worked her hardest for the best possible outcome for her. She truly cares for all of her clients and I would consider her a top-notch attorney.

    - Aldo L Neri Mora

    Tustin, CA
  • Anything is possible
    If there was an option to give more stars I would. Sholeh is very professional with a huge diverse background. She is also undeniably confident, intelligent, and determined. She is an angel that helped my family incredibly for the best. She made our nightmare situation into the opposite. We are beyond thankful for her.

    - Martha M.

    Tustin, CA
  • Best Possible Outcome
    Sholeh is an amazing attorney and person. She truly cares about her clients and works diligently and tirelessly for the best possible outcome. She has helped our son with several legal issues, patiently answering all of our questions and walking us through every step. Sholeh has greatly contributed to changing the course of our son’s life for the better. Our family considers her a top-notch attorney and friend. I wholeheartedly recommend The Law Offices of Sholeh Iravantchi!

    - Sharon M.

  • Extremely Focused
    Sholeh, is an amazing attorney, she is extremely focused when she takes your case and makes you feel that you are her only and sole client. Her tenacity in winning you case is second to none. She gives you a realistic expectation of you case and what the expected outcome could be. For all this her fees are very reasonable. If you need an attorney that is solely focused on winning call her.

    - Alex R.

  • Extremely Helpful & Responsive
    Sholeh is a wonderful attorney and person. When I was going through a very difficult divorce and stressed about renewing my residency, she was extremely helpful and responsive and made sure I had no issue renewing my permanent residency in a very short time. She also recommended me to the best divorce attorney and was always by my side through the divorce process. Thanks to her she helped my divorce attorney get me lifetime spousal support trough immigration law providing him with case laws and immigration documents to do so. And this after already representing me for my immigration renewal only. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney as she’s full of resources, very responsive and makes sure the work gets done as soon as possible. She is also always here whenever you need her.
    Thank you Sholeh for everything you did for me and my family it was a pleasure to work with you.

    - Sind S.

  • Top-Notch Attorney
    Attorney Sholeh Iravantchi is the perfect example of a top-notch attorney. Rather than charging exorbitant fees and giving the client false hope, she'll give you the honest truth including the best outcome as well as the worst so that you can mentally prepare for what is to come and be strong throughout the process (while charging an extremely reasonable price). She is a veteran who can and will fight for her clients with her incredible knowledge and experience. If I'm to recommend anyone who needs an attorney or even some guidance, Sholeh would be my #1 choice hands down.

    - Navid E.

  • Utmost Abilities, Experience & Personality Traits
    It is with great pleasure to share our experience with Attorney Sholeh Iravantchi. She, from the start, has displayed a remarkable ability to handle complex cases in a high-stress situation. She managed our case with confidence and efficiently demonstrating her strong background. I could not have asked for more, and she went way and beyond, she was always there for us (client) -her advises, responses are beyond five stars rating, ***** plus in my book. She is dynamic. The most commendable in Sholeh is the magnitude of experience she had in her entire portfolio; her skill complemented and provided value on each step. I am happy and HIGHLY recommend her services, and I am confident that she has the utmost abilities, experience, and personality traits.

    - Melody B.

  • Very Trustworthy & Honest
    I’m thankful for having Sholeh as my immigration lawyer. She is very trustworthy and honest about your case. Sholeh makes you feel comfortable and truly cares about her clients.

    - Erika C.

  • Believed in My Innocence
    My life was on the line because a former roommate stole my identity and framed me for a crime that was basically a life sentence. I was the only one on the lease for the apartment because she claimed her VISA expired and she was afraid of getting deported to Australia. The court system was trying to railroad me but Sholeh believed in my innocence and took the case. She with a little help proved my innocence and from what I understood got my former roommate to confess and I was glad I was able to move on with my life. I wish they would have charged my former roommate with some type of crime.

    Sholeh Iravantchi is a great attorney and fights hard for her clients.

    - Robert M.

  • Fully Recommended
    I have a permanent resident card that I was going to lose because I got criminal charges, because of Sholey I got to keep my legal status, I was so happy with her services that I asked for her help with becoming a citizen. I will be eternally grateful for Sholey a lawyer of her caliber in your corner you can’t go wrong I FULLY RECOMMEND to you and anybody who asks me if I know of a good attorney.

    - Alfredo N.

  • Very Professional & Outstanding Results
    The best and most dedicated attorney I ever had, very professional and outstanding results, thank you

    - Arte de Jimenez

  • Experience & Reputation
    Sholeh is great. Her experience and reputation speed up the process of finalizing my immigration and criminal cases. She was able to work with the DA reasonably to come to a fair offer in my cases. I cannot express my gratitude to Sholeh and her team.

    - Client

  • Very Positive Experience
    Sholeh is as honest and caring as they come. She is a gem. We've had a very positive experience with her, don't know what we would have done without her. She is highly recommend.

    - Client